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Palarivattom, Kakkanad, Nettoor, Convent Jn., Cherthala & Changanassery

Health Plus Services are Designed  with Your Health & Welbeing in Our Mind

The Integrated Spine Program is equipped to treat both upper and lower spinal conditions like Low Back Pain, Neck Pain,Spondylosis, Intervertibral Disc Prolapse (IVDP), Slip Disc etc. using the latest in research and treatment to restore you to your maximum level of physical activity with minimum pain.

The RSI / Work Related Injury Prevention Program offers a comprehensive approach in the treatment of a broad spectrum of complex occupational injuries (Computer Related). Under the direction of a Physiotherapist & Ergonomist, the Program allows patients to increase their awareness, to restore optimum function, strength and motion, while limiting pain and other discomforts. 

The Obesity Reduction Program provides support, diet & exercise prescriptions. This program also functions as a forum for gathering of obese people, experts and well wishers  who are aiming to eradicate  obesity from the face of earth

The Kids Health Plus Program —Watching your child grow is an amazing process. However, some children are challengedby injuries, illnesses or  birth defects. The Kids HealthPlus Program helps families in  our region by treating and managing pediatric disorders like CEREBRAL PALSY, DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS, BRACHIAL PLEXUS INJURIES &  AUTISM

The Fall Prevention Program: Recent studies indicate every 18 minute an elderly person fall due to lack of strength or balance. We screen and evaluate the chance for fall in elderly people and train them to prevent from falling. We provide guidance on exercises, diet, psychological support and environmental modification.  

The Vestibular & Headache Program - addresses dizziness & disequilibrium. Even moderate dizziness or headache  can affect mobility, activity levels and overall quality of life. In a large percentage of cases, the cause is an unresolved inner ear or vestibular disorder. Physiotherapy with its advanced methods in vestibular and balance disorders and headache provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment to alleviate symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, headache and improve function. 


We Provide home based physiotherapy services for those who are bed ridden or children with physical challenge like carabral palsy. once the patients are able to do activities on their own we bring them to our nearest clinic to provide maximum care. We also provide in-patients physiotherapy care at our associated hospitals where patients can get admitted for physiotherapy services & get treated with the best physiotherapy treatment available. 


We can manage the following cases:

Back & neck pains.Joints stiffness & arthritis.

Disc prolspace cases.

Elderly Fall Prevention Exercises.

Facial palsy.

Hemiplegia & quadriplegia.

Cerebral palsy Rehabilitation.

Developmental Delays in Children.

Temporomandibular joint disorders.

Stress incontinence.

Sports injuries.

Respiratory therapy.

Weight reduction.

Rehabilitation for geriatrics & bed ridden patients.

Post natal exercises.



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